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Note: References which provide consulting services and training are listed in the 'Training' section.

Testing FAQs - Contractors and Consultants
Another excellent list of contractors, consultants and testing service providers are also listed at the FAQ site maintained by Danny Faught.

20/20 Labs
20/20 Labs is an independent, full service quality assurance lab dedicated to meeting the Quality Assurance demands of the software and hardware development community.
Call 310-670-6780

360logica provides wide range of testing solutions based on domain, technology and business solutions. This includes quality assurance, software testing, automated testing, manual testing, functional testing, load testing, security testing, mobile testing and other testing related services.
Call 91-120-4222458

Adaface helps companies automate first round tech interviews with a conversational AI, Ada. Ada can analyze each candidate's thought process, give timely hints, and ask follow-up questions to accurately gauge on-the-job skills.
Call +65-94470488

A1QA is a software testing company providing a wide range of standalone and web application testing services, from independent software QA consulting to business solutions testing.
Call 1-512-501-3622

Access Testing Centre
Based out of Australia, Access Testing Centre is a division of Access OnLine Pty Limited and provides a comprehensive testing service which can be customised to your project's requirements.
Call 1 800-999-585 or +61 2 9439 4188

Acheck, LTD
Specialises in the following software testing areas:
Outsourced Testing, Games and Multimedia, Spreadsheets, Year 2000 Problem, Financial Derivatives, Data Communications, IBM RS/6000 SCALABLE POWER, PARALLEL (SP) SYSTEM, DEC ALPHA (VMS O/S)
Call (US)(888)329-1573
Call (UK) 0800 7831696

Acutest, LTD
Specialist consultancy focused on testing IT and technology centred change.
Call (UK) 020 7917 2838

Advanced Testing Solutions
ATS is a consulting group specializing in the implementation of automated software quality testing. They are also a reseller of Mercury Interactive tools.
Call (303)973-6661

Allied Testing
Allied Testing is a professional team of the Quality Assurance testers. They are established in USA and UK with the outsourcing center in Moscow. They are a consultancy targeting high-tech companies and specializing in the Internet area: they analyze the requirements and system design document, review the specifications, prepare test plans, write test scripts, automate and/or execute test scripts.
Call (212)295-2174

AppLabs, Inc.
AppLabs is a software testing and quality management company. With over a decade of experience behind it, AppLabs has become a trusted partner to more than 300 companies, providing both quality assurance and third-party validation.
Call U.S. (877)277-5227; Europe +44 (0) 203 178 2943; Asia +91 40 2355 8000; London +1 801 852 9500

Appnovation Technologies
Appnovation has a team of over 30 developers and designers to help clients create and test innovate technology solutions. They have experience working with cutting edge technologies such as HTML 5 and cloud implementations.
Call +1 604 568 0313 (Vancouver, Canada), +1 404 850 9046 (Atlanta, Georgia), +44 (0) 1189 001 020 (London)

Aspire Systems
Provides many services in several software development centers of excellence including areas of functional testing, performance testing and test automation. There are offices in India, United States and Great Britain.

Arsin Corporation
Providers of e-business solutions, Arsin also offers services supporting implementation of test automation for e-business systems using their QA methodology and testing framework.

AskTester is not just another forum. AskTester is a community of professional testers where we can freely ask questions about testing, share your opinions, show your interests and share related interests. Unlike a forum, AskTester will make sure your voice is heard.

Automation Frameworks
Test automation consultancy to assist software development companies formulate and execute a successful test automation strategy. Years of experience developing and deploying bespoke Linux frameworks, as well as implementing TestDirector and WinRunner architectures. Services include formulating full tailored test strategies, developing and deploying test automation frameworks, test automation and training in test automation scripting.
Call +44 (0)7967 749088

AtYourSide Consulting
Specialists in Software Quality Assurance processes, including Project Management, Requirement Management, Configuration Management, Test Management, Inspections and Metrics definitions. They also provide a tool called Automated Test Designer (ATD) See tools.
Call 351 21 848 7117

Automated Testing Specialists
Provides automated software testing consulting and services for mainframe, client-server and web-based systems. Web site also provides links to other testing sources.

Benchmark QA
BenchmarkQA is a Software Testing services organization with offices in Minneapolis and Phoenix. They also offer a training course on Structured Software Test Planning.
Call 877-425-2581

Primary service is quality consulting and also offers other software testing services. Web site offers chat, forums, downloads, job references and subject matter reference links.

Bitsoft Systems, Inc.
They are a Bangalore India based software products development, testing and services company with offices in Boulder, Colorado. They provide full or partial life cycle development for new products as well as for existing products that need substantial revamping.

A site that allows individuals to take Brainbench certification tests in order to show that they have mastered a skill, such as Software QA Analyst, to demonstrate common knowledge in a subject area. Those looking for qualified individuals can use this as a gauge for knowledge.

Bug Tracker
Specializes in testing software, video games, and web sites for translation, localization, installation, functionality, and compatibility.
Call 1-514-940-6505

Bulldog Partners, Inc.
Bulldog Partners is a leading provider of automated software quality and performance management solutions based upon the Mercury Interactive™ tool suite.
Call 303-788-9499

Butler Technology Solutions
Organization that offers a variety of services including QA services that focus on every phase of development, from project inception through implementation, maintenance and enhancements.

California Software Labs Inc
California Software Labs provides software quality assurance consulting and assistance in the areas including eBusiness & SaaS applications, Enterprise & PC software products, Network & communications systems, Mobile & Embedded systems, Device drivers.
Call 925-249-3000

CapCal - Capacity Calibration
CapCal™ provides load testing products and services that allow you to quickly and easily predict, verify and improve the performance of your Web site and Intranet.

Case Consult
CC offers professional services, products and training. The stringent CC project management process, supported by the RE/Cycle process approach, leads to significant cost savings while simultaneously achieving improved application quality.
Call 49-611-942040

Formerly, Reliable Software Technologies Corporation, is an authority for Software Risk Management (SRM). Our mission is to help you protect your business through the Cigital AdvantageSM, our cutting-edge, proprietary SRM methodology and technologies. Cigital specializes in assuring both business-critical systems (e-commerce applications, smart cards, internet-based products, and financial services) and more traditional mission critical systems (avionics, medical device, nuclear control, and transportation).

Cigniti is North America's largest Independent Software Testing Services firm, based out of Philadelphia, PA. They offer Quality Assurance services such as functional testing, test automation services, security testing, etc. They also provide Quality Engineering services such as Agile testing, DevOps testing, Data Test Management, etc. They provide Digital Assurance services as well which includes Mobile testing, E-Commerce testing, Medical Devices testing, etc.
Call 972-756-0622

Provides consulting and training in the application of cleanroom practices to software development. Their services also include consulting and training in requirements engineering and systems analysis, software design, testing/QA practices, and process diversity management.
Call 303-494-3152

Client-Server Software Testing (CSST) Technologies
Providers of TEST-Rx TM Software Testing Methodology, a framework of software testing methods, tools and techniques to create a world class software testing function. Also, information about other CSST technologies products and services, articles and white papers on software testing, links to other software testing related web pages, etc.

Providers of e-Quality Assurance (eQA) services including SQA process design and implementation, remote performance testing, QA outsourcing, and QA centers of excellence.

Compuware's QA Solutions
Although Compuware is listed as a tools vendor, it also has a robust services organization with a family of testing products called QASolutions, which helps users plan, create, and execute software testing plans.

Conflair provides solutions tailored to customers' needs in the areas of:
(1) QA and Testing: manual, automated, performance
(2) Software Process Improvement
(3) Off-shoring Assurance: making sure your off-shore partner delivers on time and within budget

Company which provides consulting, training and resources for several areas of software development including testing and QA.
Call 425-636-0100

CorTechs Inc.
Providers of software quality solutions including the use of CorTest, a software quality engineering methodology consisting of proven, best-of-breed productivity tools integrated through automation and process.

Coveros - Agile Testing and Test Automation
At Coveros, we are experienced in helping to identify and knock down the walls between software developers and testers through a combination of agile practices and pragmatic test automation. We’d love an opportunity to show you how we can improve your current testing efforts (and thus your software) using time-proven methods.

They provide WHQL pre-submission testing, software testing, and consulting services for companies who wish to obtain a “Designed for Windows” logo for their products.
Call International +31 166 617345

CrashProofing Scalability Testing Labs
CrashProofing Scalability Testing Labs gives you anywhere from 10 to 500 dedicated agent computers outside your firewall to test your Web-based application by simulating dozens, hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous virtual users.

Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Software application and QA testing services by enterprise quality assurance testing company, Cygnet Infotech, offers high performing end-to-end automation testing solutions.
Call +1-646-915-0021

DeRisk IT Inc.
DeRisk IT Inc. is a veteran-owned, onshore, offsite software testing company that provides a compelling alternative to conventional offshore outsourcing. DeRisk IT Inc. functional testers are ISTQB-certified, and are experienced with automated testing and manual testing in both Agile and Waterfall teams. The primary role of DeRisk IT Inc. has been to help corporate organizations forecast and plan for the most efficient IT projects with respect to risk avoidance and implementing appropriate software testing solutions. Since the company was incorporated, DeRisk IT Inc. approaches and delivers hard facts for ROI and cost benefit required for today's best practices, providing a consistent level of service requirements by which all IT systems are measured.
Call 205-487-8791

Disha Technologies
Disha Technologies is a full-service STQE outsourcer. They state to have the necessary depth and breadth of STQE experience to help their customers ship high-quality products.
Call 425-867-3900

e Testing Labs
Used to be ZD(Ziff Davis) Labs. Provides benchmark testing and other outsource testing services including web performance, functionality, compatibility and other quality assurance services related to outsourced testing.

Easy Beta
Easy Beta offers Beta Testing Services for software products and applications

EnterpriseQA, Inc.
enterpriseQA, Inc. is a full service software quality assurance firm that provides quality improvement and testing expertise to the software development community.
Call 312-527-5915

Experior specializes in software development, software testing and application monitoring tools, training and services, and provides expert guidance and resources. Areas of exterise include automated testing (including mobile), API testing, performance testing, performance profiling and monitoring, test management, code reviews, continuos integration testing and other areas. Call Tel:+61 3 8376 6535

Ericsson Synergy
Test outsourcing company based out of New Zealand, associated with Ericsson, that brings to your site rapid and standard test methodologies for mobile end to end testing. These folks appear to be related to Synergy.

Europe Software Institute
The European Software Institute (ESI), created in 1993 by the European Commission with the support of the Basque Government, is now a Division of TECNALIA, one of the leading European research institutes. Our main activity is based on helping the software industry in their objectives or producing better software of a higher quality, on time, in the best way and at a lower cost.

Exactpro Systems, LLC
Exactpro Systems is a technology consulting company specialising in software development and testing services for the financial services industry.
Call +44 781 244 4565

Exampler Consulting
Consulting, training, and writing from Brian Marick mostly on agile methods, with a testing slant.

Help desk, bug tracking and support tool.
Call 203-795-5955

Exigen Services
SOA Testing Outsourcing: web-services and end-to-end processes
Call 1-646-416-5526

F-Test is a software testing outsource company that specializes in testing multimedia CD-Rom and Internet applications.
Call 323-478-8100

First Line Software
Tangible business value out of software testing
Call 1-877-737-7178

Giga Solutions
Giga Solutions is a software testing service provider offering a range of testing services in Windows platform.
Call 91-44-26154881

Grove Consultants
Based out of England, they are specialists in software testing and software inspections. Founded by Dorothy Graham, co-author of "Software Test Automation". They provide training for the popular Foundation Certification exam as well as other training and consulting services.

Hottechcareers - Testing
Talent search and placement firm that specializes in technical employment. This link on their site focuses on quality assurance and software testing positions.

Hudson Software Testing & Quality Assurance
Provider of software testing and quality assurance services.
Call 914-773-0400 ext. 525

iBeta Software Quality Assurance
iBeta provides QA services including test planning, functionality testing (manual and automated), load and performance testing, process improvement consulting, tool evaluations, and compatibility testing in the web enabled, client/server as well as the wireless environment.

Ixia is a provider of performance test systems for IP-based infrastructure and services. They provide scalable solutions to generate, capture, characterize, and emulate network and application traffic, establishing definitive performance and conformance metrics of network devices or systems under test.
Call 818-871-1800

Indium Software (India) Limited
Based in India, they are an authorized partner of Compuware and provide consulting and testing services adopting Compuware automated testing tools in their approach.

International Testing (ITesting)
A French company specializing in software testing. French and USA sites available.
Call (international)

Information Balance, Inc.
Provides test training and consulting. Also, has a product called IB-TestSphere which uses templates and checklists and helps support quality processes throughout the development lifecycle.

Information Planning and Management Service, Inc. (IPMS)
Company that offers many quality services including quality assurance and software testing services. These include performance and functional testing of e-commerce web properties, wireless applications and desktop applications, as well as QA strategy, process and training, and independent verification and validation. They are a Mercury Interactive partner.
Call 1-703-421-5500.

IORMYX International
Low Cost High Quality Services for Software Quality Assurance and Product Quality Control for a range of Products including COTS and Web-Applications.
Call +1 703 456 7000

IQUIP, based out of the Netherlands, offers services of SCT (Software Control Testen) that uses the TPI (Test Process Improvement) to assist with testing processes.

IS Integration
IS Integration, an independent software testing company, working to integrate business solutions by managing, validating and testing the integration of IT systems.

Iterators LLC
Iterators, based in Massachusetts, offers testing services globally for all of your website, software, and mobile app needs. Our diverse team provides a competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes and industries. Iterators challenges conventions to bring you the best results.
Call 1-617-914-0015

KeyLabs provides software and hardware quality assurance testing services, including consultation for quality management, security, performance, and more.
Call 801-852-9500 extension 1180

Providers of quality assurance and testing services, data goverance consulting, security testing, and Kaulitee - a cloud based test management solution.

They provide software QA, implementation and support services for software development projects. They specialize in providing QA services for Web applications with a rapid development lifecycle.
Call 1-207-865-2935

A full service software quality-engineering firm that provides testing expertise and resources to software development organizations. They also offer their 'Practical Software Testing Training' series.
Call 800-322-0333

LMN Technology
Expertise and solutions in several areas including test automation for datacom SWITCH products.
Call 408-255-7698

MARS Telecom Systems
MARS Telcom is an independent QA House with expertise in developing and executing test strategies for Telecom and Networking Products and Solutions. It is focused approach towards reducing test cycles and enhancing product Quality. MARS Telecom product quality assurance services in these areas include setting up of Test Labs, System Testing, Regression Testing and Test Automation Services. MARS Telecom has developed comprehensive acceptance Test Plans and procedures and automated them for Testing compliance to these standards.
Call 91-4023542922 ext. 1101

They specialize in data integration testing providing services such as data testing, ETL testing, consulting, training and staffing. They use a well-defined data testing approach coupled with exclusive tools to capture and measure data integrity, building trust into your data.

Merit provides tools, services, resources, articles and news for the software testing community.
Call 44 1506 414349

Mistral Solutions
Mistral offers independent Verification and Validation (V and V) services meeting CMMI Level 3 / Auto SPICE Level 3 standards for Lifestyle, Consumer Electronics and Automotive Electronics Domains. Mistral follows a V-model method for verification and validation covering independent review of requirements, design and source code, unit testing, hardware-software integration testing, system testing, test automation solutions and test documentation.
Call +91-80-30912600

nmqa has established itself as the leading provider of technical software testing and quality assurance solutions in the UK.

Nous Infosystems (Testree)
Testree provides QA software testing services and Quality assurance automation outsourcing, 3rd party testing, QA testing and compatibility testing Verification at Nous Infosystems in India.
Call 91 80 41939400

NSTL is a provider of testing services to developers, corporations, and governments worldwide. They have facilities in Philadelphia and labs in other countries as well.
Call 610-941-9600

NTT Data is a global IT Services Provider with flexible IT outsourcing with onsite, nearshore (Halifax, Canada) and offshore delivery options for software testing and development. This includes Quality Assurance professionals trained in software testing and test tools such as HP Quick Test Pro (QTP), Quality Center (QC) Loadrunner and other major tools. Test Centre of Excellence (TCOE) includes global delivery of test management, automation testing, performance testing, load testing and mobile testing.
Call 416-818-8413

NVP Software Testing
NVP is a full-service software testing company specializing in test planning, management, automation, and execution.
Call 416-809-5539

Test Automation specialists, consultants, developers and makers of MITS (Multiple Interface Testing Suite). MITS tests GUI software without scripts and simulates third party interfaces for closed loop testing
Call 707-939-7894

PerfTestPlus offers advising, consulting and training services as well as resources to bring software testing expertise and thought-leadership to organizations seeking to push their testing beyond "state-of-the-practice" to "state-of-the-art.” Our testing services are designed and delivered by name-brand consultants who subscribe to our integrity driven, value focused philosophy.
Call 321-271.8028

Ovation Software Testing, Inc.
Leading consulting/VAR partner for Mercury Interactive Corporation

Performance Lab
Performance Lab is global software testing company that offers a full range of software testing services and quality assurance outsourcing
Call 844-446-7587

Pettichord, Bret
Offers consultive and other testing services. Bret Pettichord has much practical experience in software testing and specializes in test automation.

pi Technologies
A software development and maintenance company, has a software testing laboratory located in Plano, Texas available for software testing. In addition, the company is performing Year 2000 work including testing and is available for independent testing as well.
Call 972-527-4400

PlanIT's integrated solutions combine software testing best practices, market-leading tools and a wide range of professional services and training to provide; fully managed testing, web/e-business testing to ensure continuous availability of your web site, strategic outsourcing and development partnering.

Polteq is providing international testing services, with consultants for test process improvement and test management. The Polteq consultants have extensive experience in test management and supporting organisations to improve their testing processes.

Quality assurance and test consulting firm that provides clients with quality assurance, test planning, and test execution services for their mission critical software development projects
Call 415-778-0580

Praxiom Research Group - ISO 9000 - 2000 Translated into plain English
The Praxiom Research Group provides information and services for those obtaining and maintaining ISO standard compliance. They offer a service/product that will take ISO 9000:2000 and translate it into plain english.

Precise Testing Solution
Precise Testing Solution delivers quality assurance and software testing solutions. They help companies optimize the quality, performance and availability of their applications. The testing solutions that they offer give organizations a fast start in developing and deploying software of the highest quality while reducing the risks, costs and time associated with it.
International +91 11 22487322, USA: +1 7183128801

Process Management Group, LTD.
Provider of information technology software quality and software testing services. PMG has effectively implemented quality and test disciplines in information technology organizations throughout the United States.
Call 847 253-4283

Professional Quality Assurance Ltd.
PQA, a Canadian based quality assurance leader since 1997, is a global-in-scope organization focused on Quality Assurance testing services for software and content. Our expertise supports our clients in their goals to maintain, and gain, market share through the provision of high quality products.
Call 506-460-8787

Useful web site that allows discussions dedicated to quality assurance and testing topics.

QA InfoTech
They provide flexible services model that allows you to choose services listed as a standalone or in combination with other software testing services.

QA Labs, Inc.
QA Labs provides test-outsourcing services; testing, test engineering and automation, test planning, Quality Assurance (QA) process improvement consulting, training, tool evaluations, and software certification. Make QA Labs your partner in software quality. Contact them at
Call 604-605-0111

QASource is an independent quality assurance and testing company that delivers effective, customized testing solutions at significant cost savings with expertise in performing functional testing of applications, performance, load and stress testing of enterprise applications, and automation of regression tests. The dynamic partnership of offshore technical talent and U.S. management provides cost-effective testing solutions while avoiding the risks that often accompany a remote testing team.
Call 925-218-1821

Provider of software products and services. Still under construction.

We specialize in software quality engineering and testing.Complete end to end testing, test management,release and approval testing.
Call +91-9448133995

Qualitician IT Servcies Pvt Ltd
Qualitician is considered as the leading job platform for software testing and quality assurance professionals. Our platform helps job seekers in finding Software Testing Jobs, Software Testing Walk-ins and Software Testing Internship opportunities across India.
We have a software testing courses platform and we also have a blog.

Quality Engineering Technologies, Inc.
Provides software quality engineering technologies, products, services, and consulting.
Call (503)590-3103

QualityLogic, Inc.
QualityLogic is a large independent test organization with an in-house product development operation. Expertise includes software, hardware and systems development know-how in solving engineering problems. They can design and manage testing projects, provide long-term dedicated resources that manage multiple projects, apply its staff and expertise to providing the most effective quality management service available from an independent company.
Call 805-531-9030

Quality Partners
Based in the MENA region, Quality Partners™ offers consulting and training services related to software quality management, QA, QC, Testing, Process Improvement and many other related services (CMMi, ITIL, RUP and MSF).
Call 06-5163210

Quality Software Management
A consultant in process improvement.

Quardev Laboratories
Quardev provides development professionals with a wide range of Testing, Training and Consulting, and Documentation Services. Our expert staff is comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Qulix Systems Qulix Systems is a subsidiary of BelHard Group corporation specialized in test automation, quality assurance consulting and software testing.At the current moment “Qulix Systems” company is a leader on Byelorussian market and one of biggest actors on Russian market in the sphere of Software Test outsourcing services providing and quality management.
375 17 2268426 ext. 248

RainMaker SQA
A clearinghouse for all things QA with an emphasis on efficiency. They provide freeware and shareware tools, reviews of tools and books, and links to other sites. They also provide testing and QA services.

Ready Test Go, Inc.
Ready Test Go is an independent software testing services company serving testing needs of corporations worldwide in the technology and financial sectors. Our value proposition is built around a proven testing methodology and an offshore-onsite delivery model. Customers partnering with us have incurred huge savings on their QA spends, witnessed tremendous improvements in quality and have accelerated time to market.
Call 408-615-5700

They promote themselves as a total solutions provider, focused exclusively on software quality assurance and testing.
Call 302-652-0349

Reality Test
Reality Test is an independent outsource test lab facility located in the greater Seattle, Washington, area. They offer a comprehensive load, stress, and performance testing solution that allows you to replicate and test your critical Information Technology, IT, systems under “real-life” conditions.

Reasoning, Inc.
Providers of InstantQA service which analyzes your source code and provides a detailed description of each defect found in defects reports as well as a set of metrics and recommendations in the management reports.
Call 650-429-0350

Recommended Test Labs (RTL)
An outsource quality assurance firm, RTL provides a range of testing services from compatibility testing to web site link testing to in–depth feature conformance testing. Founded in 1989.
Call 415-362-7751 ext. 12

Reliable Software Technologies
RST has changed to Cigital.

RelQ Quality Software
RelQ is an independent software validation and verification services company that provides software testing and related quality assurance services to IT organizations. RelQ has expertise in the following areas: Internet & web applications, real time and embedded systems, EDA, high end client server, banking, ERP, aerospace and safety / mission critical applications. They have offices in Europe, Asia and the United States.

RTTS is a professional services organization that specializes in the testing of IT applications and architecture. They have offices in Boston and New York and provide end-to-end solutions that ensures application functionality, reliability, scalability and network performance.
In May RTTS is offering free 1 day seminares on 'The Future of Automated Software Quality'.
New York - May 13, Philadelphia May 14 and Atlanta May 15

Satisfice, Inc.
Satisfice, founded by James Bach, is a software test consulting, outsourcing, and training company. Their specialty is rapid testing using heuristic, risk-based and exploratory testing techniques.
Call 540-631-0600

Shasta QA
Shasta QA's mission is to enable software developers to ensure the highest level of quality while addressing budget constraints that often force development organizations to send work overseas.
Call 530-242-5799

Silicon Valley Networks
Leader in Test Management solutions providing tools, consulting, training and support.

Silicus Software Outsourcing
Silicus is a software outsourcing company powered by 13 years of deliver outsourced software services and 100+ ongoing software outsourcing engagements
Call 866-912-8855

SNS Technologies, Inc.
SNS Technologies delivers Quality Assurance and Software Testing services and solutions by providing global expertise, innovative Quality Process Engineering (QPE), flexible infrastructure on-demand and effective communication.
Call +91-20-4017373 ext. 137

Software Development Forum Testing Labs
Non Profit Testing Lab in San Jose available to anyone who wishes to perform configuration testing.

Software Engineering Process Technology (SEPT) - ISO/IEC 12207
Software Engineering Process Technology Company, (SEPT) is a firm specializing in meeting the software process standards information needs of the professional community, particularly concerning ISO/IEC 12207. SEPT provides standards information via books, checklists, templates reports, and consulting.
Call 425-391-2344

Splaine and Associates
They provide software consulting services to those organizations interested in improving the quality of their software and the efficiency with which this software is developed. Their specialty is in the analysis, design and testing of Web site & applications.

Software Development Technologies
Technology assessments, educational services and consulting services focusing on improving the quality of the development process specializing in software testing and evaluation.
Creator of Unified TestPro - a test automation solution that helps teams create more cost-effective and maintainable test suites. Also, creator of 'ReviewPro', a web based collaborative tool that helps automate software reviews and inspections.
Call 408-252-8306.

Software Quality Associates
Providers of on-demand QA resources with specialists in QA.

This company specializes in providing test documentation services. They will document test plans, test designs, configuration management processes, incident management processes and other documents and processes that are related to producing quality software.

Software Quality Methods
Located in Silicon Valley, provides management, consulting, and training to organizations to assure good quality software. Specializes in organizational transformation (organization development, life cycle design, staff training) and strategic planning for quality (quality assurance strategies, software testing, test automation architectures).

Software Quality Partners
Leading national consulting organization providing software quality and test automation services.

Software Productivity Research
A leading provider of software measurement, assessment, and estimation products and services.

Software Technology Center
Transfer appropriate software engineering technology to significantly increase the productivity of personnel and reduce the cost of software projects.

Software Testing Corporation
Advertises as specializing in Windows-based client-server software offering customized solutions for any software quality challenge. No phone listed, but believed to be based out of Washington D.C.

Software Testing Forum
This is a newly created forum for software quality assurance discussion. It's meant to be an easy to use, easy to read forum for software testers.

Software Testing Group, Inc.
Software quality assurance organization based in the technology corridor of Northern Virginia. They specialize in testing object-oriented GUI based programs for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Software Testing Institute
Quality seminars, industry research, publications and online services for the software development and testing professional.

Software Testing Labs (STL)
Software Testing Laboratories, Inc. used to have this web address. They were incorporated by Data-Dimensions.

Provides service offerings in eBusiness initiatives through its eSQM (Software Quality Management) test strategy and planning, eSQM specialized testing, eSQM outsourced testing, test automation and eSQM testing training.

Stag Software
Based out of Bangalore, India, Stag Software specializes in methods and tools for software test engineering. stag offers high end test consulting, end to end test services, test education and develops test related tools.
Call International +91-08-5250137

STAMP Technologies, LLC
Consultants in SW Development, focused on QA & Test. Specialties are Process Efficiency & implementing Test Automation so it can be re-used on future projects. Covering Upper Midwest from HQ in Minneapolis
Call 1-877-800-3083

Star Quality
Provides consulting services including software quality assurance and test development, automated load and performance testing, electronic commerce and website testing, QA training and outsourcing, and software quality project management.
Call 508-497-3413

STCthirdEye - User Acceptance Testing
They have specialized testing resources with experience working on a variety of tools for every testing activity ranging from unit testing to user acceptance testing.
Call +91 44 24661671

New Subject7
Subject7 supports all automated testing from one codeless user interface. We make testing easy and integrated so you can:
-Leverage one platform for all your end-to-end test automation needs
-Reuse automated test cases for both functional and non-functional testing
-Increase code coverage by having a broader team of stakeholders contributing to testing
-Reduce test maintenance while minimizing resource dependencies
C-onsistently report and benchmark your QA accomplishments

Symbio provides engineering-focused software development, globalization and testing services that help Fortune 500 companies launch and support products in the global marketplace.
Call 650-356-1988

Test outsourcing company based out of New Zealand, that brings to your site rapid and standard test methodologies for application end to end testing.

SysTest Labs, Inc.
Provides full range of testing services for e-business/e-commerce, client/server and stand alone applications.
Call 303-575-6881

System Evolutif
Consultants in Software Development, Testing and Quality Assurance. Evolutif is acknowledged as a leading UK testing consultancy. Range of services in the areas of RAD and test automation.

Technology Quality Center - TQC
Business unit of KPMG Pete Marwick LLP - helps companies certify software quality in both the development process and the final product.
Call 617-973-2768

Tejas Software Consulting
Excellent site for both reference material related to software quality and testing as well as for software quality consulting and training services. Danny Faught is the proprietor. He also maintains the TestingFAQs web site.
Call 817-294-3998

Telsoft, Inc.
A full-service software quality assurance and testing firm that assists educational and commercial publishing companies with their software testing efforts.

Tescom USA (
Provides software infrastructure testing services that includes load/stress, quality assurance and usability testing. Focus is on quality planning, risk management and tools implementation.

Test and Data Services
Provides testing services such as setting up test organizations, master test planning and test designing and other quality and testing services. Also, a provider of test resources and test training. Based out of South Africa.

Test Automation Technologies
They specialize in modular, reusable automated test framework development which is data/flow driven, resulting in a test system which can be easily maintained as your software evolves.
Call 949-874-6434

Canada's QA Experts. Leading the way with Professional Outsourced QA services. Mobile App QA, Web QA, Wearable Tech QA, Smart Home Product QA, Test Automation
Call +1 250 661 0621

Testing Jobs
A specialist IT and technical recruitment site offering a quick and easy way to find and advertise Testing Jobs.

Testhouse LTD
Testhouse is an IT consultancy specialising in software quality and IT risk mitigation. With over 6 years experience of providing managed testing services to large organisations across a range of different vertical markets; Testhouse has built up a reputation for quality and reliability that has secured us long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners and our own team. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Testhouse maintains regional operations in North America, Central and Southern Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific territories.
Call +1 330-772-2231

Testing Foundations
Site provided by Brian Marick, well respected testing consultant, trainer and author of many articles and the book "The Craft of Software Testing". Links to his many articles are provided as well as descriptions of services he offers.

This is a job site dedicated to software testing jobs.

Testing Testing 123
Company offers consulting services as well as services to help with compatibility testing, functionality testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, etc.
Call 1-888-718-0837

Testing Times
Anne-Marie Charrett is a freelance independent software tester working Australia wide.
Call 0410 560 923

TestingXperts is a Specialist QA & Software Testing Company, and an Independent Testing Division of Damco Group assisting organisations globally to deliver high quality Software Applications. Leveraging holistic knowledge of core business processes and software development, our comprehensive suite of testing services covers both Functional and Non-Functional testing, as well as Professional Expertise for Cloud and Mobile Technology. Our customer-centred approach assists enterprises in thriving in an ever-advancing market through breakthrough solutions.
Call +1 866 888 5353 / +1 347 826 3427

Testmasters, Inc.
Functional test management specialists. We help our clients create cost effective structured test environments through automated tools.

TestMatick is a leading provider of QA services. The company uses the best tools and processes that help ensure the quality of software.
Call 212-203-8264

Creators of TestQuest Pro that is a non-intrusive automated testing tool for many devices such as Infrared, USB devices, touch screens and discretes. Good for testing embedded systems.

Based out of Australia, a provider of improved Software Testing practices. Their specialty is the automation of Software Testing.

Testware Associates, Inc.
Consulting company that focuses solely on software testing. Testing consulting services and testing training courses help clients design, implement and improve software testing processes and produce higher quality software under time and budget constraints.
Call 732-562-0155
Note: This company is a different company than the one listed below.

Testware Associates, Inc.
Provides software testing services and training including seminars on structured testing methodology with primary focus on full life-cycle testing.
Call (888)410-TEST (toll free)
Note: This company is a different company than the one listed above.

Thinksoft Global Services (P) Ltd
They help global 500 banking, financial services and insurance organisations to benefit from the objectivity and rigor of independent outsourced software testing. They use a domain focused methodology compress time-to-market by outsourcing parallel activities in the product life cycle and extract costs by deploying a cost-effective onsite-offshore delivery model.
Call 91-44-28525966

Traq Test Management Services
Specialists in implementing test management solutions. Delivering efficient QA and testing processes through the application of suitable tools and methodologies.
Call 1-800-971-4496 (International +44 208 144 4211)

TTCX - The Test Company
TTCX - The Test Company, performs testing services for hardware, software, internet, and Micrososft WHQL testing.
Call 425-452-1465 x33

Twilight Languages
Twilight Languages specializes in test automation working with Automated Testing Facility (ATF) as well as with other testing tools to fill your QA automation needs.
Call 617 661-7953

uTest, Software Testing Community, is introducing the first global marketplace for software application testing coupled with a Pay Per Bug business model. Companies in need of software QA testing will be able to access professional testers on-demand through their Global Community for the purpose of quality assuring and testing software release prior to market launch.

Call 1-800-445-3914

Provides a number of quality assurance services including quality assurance consulting, test automation services, test lab services in their testing centers as well as services for other phases of testing.
Call 888-506-5677

Vericode, Inc.
VeriCode provides outsourced software testing services to meet the needs of quality-focused software development organizations.
Call 508-881-5382

Specializes in providing testing outsource services. They provide consulting, test plan development and test execution services on a global scale. They also run compliance test programs.
Call 310-636-8500

Vermont Software Testing Group
Vermont Software Testing Group offers conscientious, well-documented system testing services for Windows- and Internet/intranet-based applications. Based on out Springfield, Vermont.
Call 1 800-818-4809

VeriTest, Inc.
Provider of a broad range of testing services organized as a group of specialized labs including software quality assurance lab, internet and client/server lab, game a multimedia software lab, mobil computing lab, etc.
Call 310-450-0062

Vettanna can supplement your existing test team, set-up, manage, write or plan testing efforts for you.
Call 1-866-422-0948

VT Enterprises
Offers outsourcing services for software maintenance, software testing and quality assurance services, and technical documentation.
Call 201- 339-5873

Webmetrics Website Monitoring
NeuStar’s Webmetrics is a leading provider of website monitoring and load testing services.
Call 1-877-524-8299

Webtek Labs
Webtek Labs is a software services company providing integrated performance management solutions, verification, validation, and testing services that enable businesses to test their applications. Located in New Delhi.

Software Quality Consulting and Software Testing Services
Call 408-350-0508 USA and Canada
Call +31-20-7600300 EU

XXCAL Testing Laboratories
Serves the testing needs of the microcomputer manufacturers and software developers in the areas of quality assurance, programming, compatibility testing and certification, functionality testing, usability testing, test plan development, and documentation.
Call 310-477-2902

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